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Whether you want to train outside or in your own home, I bring the gym to you! Combining proven training methods and nutritional coaching, you can achieve the weight loss results you want. Train with me 1 on 1, or bring a friend along for some encouragement or healthy competition.

I am a qualified and well dedicated mobile personal trainer that enjoys helping all of clients that train with me to achieve the best of their targets threw evaluating every client’s physical fitness to gain a good understanding of what is ideal for them and then creating a realistic and achievable exercise programme card for them to enable them to achieve their goals showing all relevant communication skills necessary to build and gain trust with every one of my clients. Recently in my career I have been doing some business with a franchise company and now can see a lot more progression in my business since I have made the decision to do business with their company. I aim to keep furthering throughout my career working together with an electrifying and limitless franchise.

Background And Qualifications

Previously in the past I was training in MMA mixed martial arts for 1 year and a half how I got into that was through watching UFC over the years which then intrigued me more about the sport till I began doing regular training sessions. The fight camps that I have trained with are predators based in Manchester and full contact performance centre based in Rochdale of greater Manchester. The styles of fighting and fitness training that I was learning was Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu- jitsu, judo, MMA wrestling. I did a lot of strength and conditioning training whilst learning the sport. What I gained and left with was a full understanding on one of the sports that I enjoy and having the ability to fight correctly to protect myself in self-defence from a violent situation if it was to happen whilst being out in public. A few strong facts are that it boosted my self-confidence and shown me how to control my emotions and focus whilst being under pressure having these skills plays a huge part in my personal training career allowing me to help clients to achieve their goals losing weight getting fit and feeling good.

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