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Hi I'm Caro Pemberton, I am a personal trainer based in Birmingham and I would like to start by asking you some questions!

  • Do You Wish to Lose Weight and Keep it Off?
  • Tired of Unhealthy Fad Diets and Conflicting Advice?
  • Do you Want to Improve your Fitness and Feel Great?
  • Are you Looking to Get Fit but Hate the Gym?
  • Are you Sick of your Nice Clothes Being Too Tight?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions I'm happy to help you!

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How I Can Help You

The strategies I like to use to help me keep my clients fit, feeling good and, losing the weight that they have targeted to achieve throughout their personal training sessions, I would say that it all comes down to how well I keep track of the clients progress and update their records accurately and focusing on what every client wants from personal training. Providing one to one support to my clients helps me give them all of the help necessary to enable them to achieve their health & fitness goals in and out side of Birmingham.

Personal Training Birmingham

It is essential that I make the right choices of exercise for you so you get what you want from your personal training sessions and keeping exercise safe and enjoyable every time.

I also produce weight management plans that help clients reduce their weight much faster. i am an expert at doing this

I keep my clients feeling happy, motivated, looking good and confident within themselves whilst they are doing personal training with me. I will continue on running my service like this throughout my career being a personal trainer.

Why I Chose To Be A Fitness Professional

What made me want to be a personal trainer was down to the passion That I have for health and fitness. Sitting down and thinking on the time and effort that I was putting into my daily training made me question myself why not turn my daily hobby into a daily career and from there I went into studying personal training level 2 and level 3 professional and began building my career in something that I do best.

Before becoming a Birmingham personal trainer I have always encouraged family and friends that trained with me into keeping health & fitness as a part of their life style. I enjoy helping others to keep fit and healthy so that they can progress further to achieving their goals through my years of experience in personal training.

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For more information, please leave your contact details in the orange box on the left hand side!